Focus on hygiene.........

As we enter a new where shops, restaurants, bars and so much more can reopen, we also enter a new world where hygiene is more of a concern for most and the cleanliness of the areas we live, work and socialise in is so much more important

There are a huge amount of changes we can make and products on the market that make things a little easier, we have focused on a few of these products we can offer and how they help in the fight against germs and illness

Kitchens and Bathrooms are often the hub for germs within our homes, keeping work surfaces and food preperation/storage areas clean is essential, keeping the area we wash and often share communally with our family is equally as important

There are a number of products and solutions that can help in the fight against germs and viruses, we have included a few examples below .................

Silestone -

Are Silestone Worktops easy to clean? Silestone® is arguably the easiest of all worktop surfaces to keep clean. Because it is a solid, non-porous worktop with a smooth surface, it does not absorb liquids and it is more resistant to stains than any other worktop available. It can simply be wiped, or cleaned with a normal detergent. Its antibacterial qualities ensure exceptionally high hygiene and sterility, making it highly suitable for kitchen worktops Silestone is manufactured in terms of strict standards of safety, limiting waste and energy consumption. All the materials used are completely non-toxic and recyclable. When burned (an accident in the kitchen, or fire) Silestone® does not emit toxic halogenated gases. (Naturally in any fire care should be taken against inhaling carbon monoxide!)

Vitra V care

The VitrA V-Care shower toilet offers the perfect blend of comfort, functionality and design, combining the functionality of a toilet with the hygienic benefits of a bidet. The V-Care provides a fully customisable washing experience with a wide range of features that can be set to suit your needs, including water and drying temperature and nozzle position. By using the remote control, and with the automated lid, you have all of the technology at your fingertips so you don’t even have to touch the toilet! The bidet toilet incorporates the VitrA Rim-ex design which means a rimless, smooth internal pan that eliminates anywhere for germs and dirt to accumulate, resulting in a toilet that stays cleaner for longer.


The Atlas Sensor tap is made of Solid Stainless Steel which has a hygienic, non-porous surface that is resistant to bacteria and germs. Once in use, the water will flow continuously for 30 seconds. The tap can be stopped with a wave, as well as started so, you don‘t have to wait 30 seconds, all without the need to touch the tap at any point.

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