Schuller kitchens- kitchens for life

Schuller kitchens are a world renowned company, who hold a unique title of excellence due to typical German engineering and advanced style.

A family run business that have grown over two generations and just keep getting bigger, within the new year they have expanded their warehousing and built an SAC Logistics area over 10,000 Sqm. All this is possible due to the reliability and customer trust Schuller have created.

The company itself are completely sustainable and Eco friendly (They even pride themselves on holding a PEFC Certification) considering all waste made from kitchens are recycled into heating the warehousing or it's re-used into making more kitchen components. With them selling over 420 million kitchens worldwide, this process happens daily.

With 7 different price groups containing a range of styles, texture, colours (50+) and the choice of keeping it traditional with a shaker door or adding a modern twist with a high gloss door, you really can make your dream kitchen come alive.

If you are thinking of re-inventing your kitchen, Don't hesitate to contact us with all design and quotation enquiries.

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